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Easily optimise and trace your products’ journey from PO to customer delivery.


An advanced, IoT-powered solution that significantly cuts the cost and risks of transportation and logistics, such as FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management, can easily become the source of a major competitive advantage for a manufacturer.

Introduction to FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management

FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management is an exceptional digital platform for managing and optimizing logistics and transportation related to producing and delivering products to customers in the most efficient manner.

It features three major capabilities:

  • FactoryWorxTM Logistics Transportation Management (TMS)
  • FactoryWorxTM Chain of Responsibility (COR)
  • FactoryWorxTM Load Builder

FactoryWorxTM Transportation Management System (TMS) manages the physical journey of the product from the loading dock through production lines, to customer delivery. With powerful tracking and tracing capability it streamlines transportation requirements across product life cycle, analysing costs from multiple carriers to help you reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

In addition, the FactoryWorxTM Chain of Responsibility (COR) functionality provides advanced tracking of product transportation along the entire supply chain to reduce the potential cost and risk legal and ethical compliance.

The FactoryWorxTM Load Builder is an advanced functionality of FactoryWorxTM Artificial Intelligence solution. Its purpose is to deliver maximum cost savings and efficiency by eliminating the cost of labour. It is used in fully automated production and storage facilities, i.e. “lights-out” or “dark factories” replacing human labour with robotics.


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Big Picture Benefits of FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management

Today, transportation and logistics are not just the major cost drivers in product manufacturing but also the major risk to potential brand reputation. Investing in the advanced FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management system with a proven, built-in capability to significantly reduce these two factors is a smart and easy choice.

Increase efficiency across the entire operations with timely stock availability.

Easily track stock and inventory from loading dock to assembly lines to customer delivery.

Ensure compliance through automated product and component traceability.

Reduce transportation cost with automatic monitoring of rates and tariffs.

Reduce downtime related to inventory or parts availability.

Accurate ERP visibility for enterprise-wide financial analysis and planning.

Improve Supply Chain visibility and collaboration.

Gain stronger internal support for efficiency process and culture.

Attract greater supply chain collaboration and opportunities.

FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management – Functionality Overview

logistics management

Explore the Features and Benefits of FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management


FactoryWorxTM Transportation Management

About FactoryWorxTM Transportation Management System (TMS)

Efficient transportation depends on multiple factors, that vary in the degree to which the company can easily control them.

Focused on contracts and collaboration with carriers, the FactoryWorxTM Transportation Management module manages pricing and tariffs and aligns it with customer requirements and other factors to determine the optimum necessary cost of transport of goods. FactoryWorx software will automatically make these decisions and choose the best carrier.

FactoryWorxTM Transportation Management System (TMS) utilises data from the supply chain to enable predictive production scheduling  in response parts availability and other changes in the supply chain.

Through its ERP integration, it also provides insights on a more granular level of materials control, tactical production and materials planning, and quality control.


  • Tracking – rates, tariffs and tolerance reporting.
  • Transportation – planning, monitoring, traceability.
Transportation Management

FactoryWorxTM Transportation Management – Process

FactoryWorxTM Transportation Management functionality enables manufacturers to optimise the cost of finished products from ordering materials to delivering finished products to customers by digitising and providing accurate and pre-emptive information about stock levels of materials and finished products.

transportation management process


FactoryWorxTM Chain of Responsibility (COR) Management


About FactoryWorxTM Chain of Responsibility (COR) Management

Road laws called “Chain of Responsibility” state that everyone in the supply is responsible if they breach or fail to actively prevents breaches of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). The COR law extends to preventing or reducing potential harm or loss (risks) to yourself and others.

Managing (controlling) these risks requires that businesses recognize and consider all potential dangers and satisfactorily reduce or avoid them before they occur.

The FactoryWorxTM Chain of Responsibility module uses data analytics and provides tracking of events during the transportation of goods along the entire supply chain to ensure visibility of compliance to road laws called “Chain of Responsibility”. It is essential in minimising and  eliminating potential risks and costs.


  • Time slotting to leave and come.
  • Planning route.
  • Load building.


  • Contributes to customer satisfaction through consistent, cost-effective, on-time product delivery through  smart, predictive transportation, storage and handling of products and materials.
  • Reduced cost of production by keeping optimum stock levels.
  • Reduce cost of down-time due to out-of-stock problems.
  • Improved production efficiency by providing stock to production lines when needed.
  • Optimise costs of transportation with cost analytics and scheduling.


FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management and ERP

Integration with ERP and other Business Information Systems, including Supply Chain data enables FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management to leverage connected data and advanced analytics to optimise cost of transportation and trace Chain of Responsibility information. This data includes the following elements that inform decisions for Logistics:

  • Product specifications
  • POs
  • Compliance information
  • Locations
  • Supplier price lists
logistics management and ERP

Management and FactoryWorxTM MES

The biggest advantage of adopting FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management is that it integrates with the comprehensive MES suite of intelligent production data. The two FactoryWorxTM MES modules that complement and enhance Logistics are Inventory Management and Warehouse Management.

Inventory Management Integration:

Integration with Inventory Management leverages data information as it moves in real-time from or to stock and ensures accuracy though stocktakes and cycle counts to inform transportation module about any requirements and trigger optimised stock transportation planning and execution.

  • Stock management
  • Inventory management


Warehouse Management Integration:

Integration with Warehouse Management  leverages data from all areas of production and is available from a range of devices. The major feature of this integration is the maximum accuracy of data available for production:

  • Barcode scanning
  • Mobile devices
  • Label printing and coding
  • VR glasses
  • Sensors
  • LGVs


The Ultimate Power of the FactoryWorxTM Load Builder

The FactoryWorxTM Load Builder is an advanced functionality of FactoryWorxTM Artificial Intelligence solution. It delivers maximum cost savings and efficiency in “lights-out” or “dark factories”, which refers to fully automated, robotics driven production and storage facilities, without any human labour on premises.

  • Robotics doing simple human tasks - Cost of handling and labour – and errors – reduced
  • Each smallest step in production – automated and centrally controlled
  • More automation conveyors – load builder decides how pallets are put onto trucks and where do they go including weight and load on trucks – to optimise cost of freight.
  • More automation conveyors – load builder decides how pallets are put onto trucks and where do they go including weight and load on trucks – to optimise cost of freight.
FactoryWorx load builder

Deploy FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management on Your Terms

One of the most valued benefits of FactoryWorxTM MES modular solutions is flexibility. If you are not ready to go full throttle into Industry 4.0 transformation, you can easily adopt the complete FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management or roll it out one functionality at a time. Both options are equally viable depending on your situation and needs.

Each Module is an independent mini-MES Module that enables deploying automation and efficiencies where they are most needed.

If you choose to get a DEMO to see FactoryWorxTM Logistics Management in action, our expert will show you the best way to address your most challenging or annoying manufacturing issues.


  • Cloud – SaaS, Web-based
  • Desktop – Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Mobile – iPhone, Android, iPad
  • On-Premises – Windows, Linux


  • Free Trial
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Annual Subscription
  • One-Time License


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